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As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, I’ve somewhat recently really gotten into trying out new makeup and changing my look up a little bit. I’m not one for wearing a bold lip color, but for some reason, it’s my new thing I’m obsessed with that I will get in to in a different post. I go from a dewey-glowy look with just my foundation and liquid shimmer to more of a matte look with a Laura Mercier powder over my foundation topped with bronzer, a little blush, and a powder shimmer. I decide on the look that I’m going for in the morning depending on how I’m feeling and how my face is looking. Since moving to Denver, my face hasn’t been all the great and I’ve experienced unusual breakouts that are super annoying. So like I said, my makeup can vary day-to-day. Prior to starting a new job in Denver, I was frequenting the mall rather often and broadening my makeup horizons. The Cherry Creek mall in Denver is pretty awesome and I absolutely love the Nordstrom there. So let’s start with my new favorite items I’ve discovered this season:


Recently, Nordstrom got an exclusive with Charlotte Tilbury to start selling her makeup line. If you don’t know about this brand, Charolette is a makeup artist to quite a few celebrities and came out with a pretty awesome line. She is known for her complete makeup sets so when you see the pictures of the models at the makeup counter, you can get their exact same look by purchasing the appropriate set assuming you apply it accordingly :). I decided to get my makeup done during the initial launch at Nordstrom and the makeup did not disappoint. Since I have so much makeup at home, I thought the entire set was a bit much for me so I opted for a few of my favorites.

This foundation has magic in it’s name and for good reason. I absolutely love the look of it and get excited to put it on daily. It gives a great amount of coverage without feeling (or looking) like you have too much on, you kind of forget that you’re wearing any makeup at all! I highly recommend giving this product a try, it’s bomb.


I’m a total sucker for a great highlighter, I really really am. Whether it be liquid or powder, they all get me giddy. I can’t say I have one particular favorite, but here are the current ones I’ve been rotating:

Laura Mercier Face Illuminator: I use the Indiscretion color though all four options seems pretty beautiful. Sometimes after I apply my regular moisturizer, I put on my tinted moisturizer (it’s so dry here I need multiple layers!) and then just use this highlighter. Simple and beautiful but also great over a full face of makeup.

Charolette Tilbury Bronzer/Highlighter: This duo was used when I got my makeup done and as I mentioned, since I’m such a sucker for a beautiful highlighter, I had to get this duo and I have to say, I LOVE IT! I’ve been using both sides of the item and they give my face the perfect color. This is always a must-have in my makeup bag, I pretty much don’t remember life without it.

NARS Illuminator: This was shown to me when I got my makeup done at Sephora by a NARS representative. I was hesitant to buy it at first because of my surplus of highlighters, but per the usual, I couldn’t help myself. I love the dewey look this item gives my face and am definitely happy I caved and purchased it. When my skin is looking particularly good on certain days, I like to just use this stuff on my cheekbones and call it a day.


For the past 2ish years, I’ve been using Benefit’s Roller Lash mascara and I’ve been loving it. I actually have pretty long eyelashes so I usually just look for a mascara that gets them darker and fuller. I know some women like a really chunky mascara look but that really isn’t the look that I go for. My mom told me about this Too Faced, Better Than Sex Mascara and dammmmmn, this mascara is life-changing. There’s a reason this product is a best-seller and has insane reviews, it’s honestly a miracle mascara. Sometimes I have to wonder if it’s even too much for my eyelashes because they become THAT long and lush, but I quickly realize I am crazy and people pay to have fake eyelashes look like this. I need to see if this items comes in a small travel-size so I can keep it in my purse, it’s an everyday essential for sure.

Eye Liner:

I for one think that eye-liner is an essential part of my makeup routine. Unless it’s a super hot day and I’m trying to wear the least amount of makeup possible, I always have eyeliner on, I just love it. One of my girlfriends one day was wearing this really pretty teal eyeliner and told me that it was by Urban Decay so I ran out to get it the next day. First of all, Urban Decay has a pretty cool history to it. The co-founder of the massive tech company Cisco is the creator of Urban Decay, I know pretty random and totally opposite companies, but she’s one smart cookie, that’s for sure. She’s a total plain jane woman, but her makeup is awesome. I love the fact that the brand offers so many different color eyeliners and I can’t get enough of how smoothly they glide on your eyelid. I have a few of the colors in my makeup bag and like to swap them out when I’m in the mood to change it up from my normal black liner. The brand is probably most famous for it’s Naked Eye Shadow Palette’s which of course I own (only the first one.. for now!) and love.

Any awesome recommendations out there that are must-try items I should check out next? Always looking to try new things 🙂

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