My Favorite Amazon Finds

There’s something about Amazon that I can’t get enough of. I seriously buy absolutely everything on there — TV mounts, jewelry cleaner, pillows, smart home gadgets, etc. we buy it all. Recently I’ve become a huge fan of buying different clothing items off of Amazon and I’ve become addicted, legit ADDICTED. I thought I would ... read more

Holiday Gift Ideas

With the holidays right around the corner, a lot of people still have some serious shopping to do. Coming from a Jewish family, we never celebrated Christmas nor did we make a big deal of Chanukah and getting presents. For some reason, people assume because Chanukah is always around Christmas, that it’s a huge holiday ... read more

Honeymoon In Bali

06. December 2016 Travel 0
Bali is one of those places that I knew if I didn’t go for my honeymoon, I probably wouldn’t ever make it to that part of the world. Because of that, we thought that destination would be perfect for our honeymoon and boy were we right. One of my good friends Emily had gone to ... read more

New Makeup Must-Haves

As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, I’ve somewhat recently really gotten into trying out new makeup and changing my look up a little bit. I’m not one for wearing a bold lip color, but for some reason, it’s my new thing I’m obsessed with that I will get in to in a different post. I ... read more