My Favorite Amazon Finds

There’s something about Amazon that I can’t get enough of. I seriously buy absolutely everything on there — TV mounts, jewelry cleaner, pillows, smart home gadgets, etc. we buy it all. Recently I’ve become a huge fan of buying different clothing items off of Amazon and I’ve become addicted, legit ADDICTED. I thought I would share with you a few of the basics that I recently purchased and can’t get enough of.

Deep V-Neck T’s: A classic v-neck t-shirt is always a good staple to have. I for one love if its a little bit a deeper v-neck so I’ve been on the hunt for the longest time and decided to finally turn to Amazon to see if they had what I was looking for. Low and behold, they had the perfect white tee, surprise surprise. The t-shirts come in a 3 back with all neutral colors. I wasn’t quite sure how they would fit and fortunately, it was exactly as hoped for. They are definitely a deep v,, and are longer in general so great for layering. Also, they can easily go under any other layer as you are bundling up for the winter weather. For $26, you totally can’t go wrong with these and I plan on getting a few more orders in potentially different colors so I have options to choose from. Although I’m thinking it might make sense if I actually get a few more in the same colors I already have because I’m wearing them so much! If you’re in the market for a good t-shirt, you’ve found your match.

3 perfect everyday colors

Ever since I wore my sisters off-the-shoulder white shirt this summer, I’ve become obsessed with wearing shirts that are off-the-shoulder. I find that they compliment my body the way I like and give off a sexy little look. I have bought so many different styles of them that I actually decided I needed to stop! That didn’t last very long and I ended up finding this DARLING off-the-shoulder light sweater that I just love. Whether I dress it up with jeans and heals or decide to wear it with leggings and uggs, this item is a win-win. I got it in the wine red color but I think I think I have to also get it in the white and khaki as well, I know, I have issues. This is just a great find for any season and can be styled in soooo many different ways. I get excited just thinking about how much I’m going to be wearing this item moving forward.

This white shirt is definitely a summer staple
I wore this with it just off one shoulder, though I like it off both shoulders as well!

With Denver having 300+ days of sun, having sunglasses is a must. I’m a total sucker for cute aviators but I really dislike the price that comes along with Ray Bans. Because of that, I, “surprisingly,” decided to see what aviators Amazon had. I ended up finding a super cute pair, I mean pairs that I’ve been wearing daily. This city requires that at all times you have every different type of clothing and attire ready at your fingertips. So ya.. check these out since even though it can be snowing like crazy, the sun will most likely at some point be shinning bright. Good price for a super cute everyday aviator sunglass.

These sunglasses come in a wide variety of colors

Regardless of the trends that are going on during any season, I’ve always always always loved the look of a short sweater dress and over the knee boots, it’s just always cute and sexy and it happens that right now that look is totally in, how convenient! Wanting to find specifically an off-the-shoulder sweater dress I turned to my best friend, Amazon, to help me find what I needed. I wasn’t sure if this was going to be exactly what I wanted, i.e. was it too short, too tight, too heavy, so many possibilities. When I got the dress in the mail, I threw it on with my boots and just absolutely loved it. It’s for sure a staple in the closet for when I go out and don’t want to think much about what to wear. This outfit is always a good idea paired perfectly with my super cute Steve Madden OTK boots that I practically refuse to take off my feet because I’m that obsessed.

Also come in white and grey
Perfect boot for any and all seasons!

Stay tuned for more posts about my other favorite finds from Amazon. I continue to find more and more goodies from my favorite site! You know how many people find themselves spending absolutely absurd amounts of money at Target because they just have everything…? The exact same thing is starting to happen with me and Amazon.. oy!

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