The Sheets I Can No Longer Live Without

One of my favorite websites to check out daily is Business Insider. They have all the current news updates but also write a lot about technology and even have a section dedicated to “insider picks” which showcases items that their insider team particularly enjoys. Now some of the products that they review may have a profit that comes from each unit sold, however I try and look on the bright side and hope that they only review the products that they actually really really love and aren’t just writing it because of the money. With that being said, I was definitely a sucker for these bed sheets they wrote about recently. The company is Brooklinen and it is owned by a husband and wife. The story is that this couple really loves and appreciates great bedding however it can cost insane amounts of money to get great quality sheets. They decided to start their own company where they were able to get the best of both worlds, great bedding at a much more affordable price. Once I read the article, I quickly went onto the website and started browsing. Now the sheets are still a little pricier than your average set from Macy’s or Costco but something still told me I needed to try them out. I loved the various color options that they offered in mostly neutral tons and ended up making the decision to go with the white with grey stripes and got the whole set (duvet, fitted sheet, flat sheet, and four pillow cases). It took maybe about a week or week and a half for my sheets to arrive and during that time that it was being shipped, was when I took my trip to New York (I promise this next part is relevant!).  When I arrived at Sarah’s apartment in NYC, the first thing I noticed was how soft and cozy her bed looked. I immediately laid down and was hooked. I asked her what type of sheets she used since I had just ordered a new set and to my surprise she said Brooklinen with the biggest grin on her face. She continued to go on and on about how much they loved their new sheets and what a great purchase it was. Of course to my excitement I told her that I had just ordered them and they would be on my doorstep when I returned back to Denver. Right when I got home, I got those new sheets on my bed. I have to say, there isn’t really anything better than a freshly made clean bed that just screams your name. I’m fully hooked on these sheets and plan to purchase a few more sets in different patterns. Tom agrees on how cozy and soft they are and we can’t get enough of how cozy our bed is. Kudos to you Brooklinen, you sure lived up to the hype.

How cozy does this bed look?
How cozy does this bed look?
Wasn't easy to wait until night to get into this bed
Wasn’t easy to wait until the night to get into this bed

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