Currently Crushing On These Items

I can’t say that I’m a huge sucker for the marketing and advertising that goes into magazines, TV, and social media, however there is one particular product that I recently stumbled upon while reading Allure. Its the Neutrogena Hydro-Boost Water Gel. Since moving to Denver and having the climate be extremely dry, I am finding myself constantly moisturizing and loading up on chapstick. I was feeling that my moisturizer wasn’t fulfilling my needs so when I happened to stumble upon this particular magazine article I felt like it was a sign. I quickly headed over to Target to pick up a jar of it and can honestly say this product lived up to the hype. Since purchasing it, I have noticed all the marketing that Neutrogena has done for this item and I can totally understand why. I also found out that quite a few of my girlfriends are currently using it and feel the same way about it as I do. So when you’re finding yourself in need of a particular hydrating gel with a crisp finish, I highly recommendation checking this one out. Has anyone used this or recommend a different product thats extra hydrating??

During my trip to New York, the makeup brand NARS was doing an event at Sephora so I decided to stop by and get my makeup done, make sure that I was Friday-night ready. I’m not someone that likes to cake-on my makeup (especially in Denver where the girls rarely ever wear any makeup) however recently I’ve been getting more and more into trying new makeup techniques and products. The look I’ve been really going for is a shimmer-y, bronze-y look on my face especially over summer where I am for a light glowy look. There’s something about that look that I can’t get enough of, especially while I’m trying to drag out the last few weeks (days) of summer. Most recently, I have been using this Benefit Bronze Highlighter which I’ve been pretty happy with. However since my makeup had to be done this time in all NARS products, she used a NARS highlighter that gave me a beautiful golden undertone that I was very very pleased with. My trick is to mix my foundation in with the bronzer and use them as one cream with my brush. Try it sometime.. let me know what you think! Oh.. and of course don’t forget the NARS tinted moisturizer. The moisturizer is my everyday item I put on right after my regular moisturizer and it gives me the perfect amount of minimal coverage.

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