This Louis Vuitton Purse Is My Ultimate Fav

My guilty pleasures in life are shoes and purses, pretty typical, I know! I just can’t help myself and find that I spend way too much money on both but at least I can admit I have an addiction! Back in March 2016, one of my best friends and former college roommates had her bachelorette party. We had so much fun with our small but awesome group of girls and I have to say, this bachelorette has some of the best style of anyone I know. She has an eye unlike many. Right when I touched down in LA and saw Becky (the bride), the first thing I noticed was her purse. It was this adorable Louis Vuitton purse that was the exact size purse that I’ve been trying to find. I noticed her wearing it in a few different styles throughout the trip (mainly over her shoulder) and I couldn’t help but think, I NEED THAT! Keeping my mouth shut and not letting her know that I was getting ready to copy her, I headed straight to Louis Vuitton and got the same purse once I touched back down in San Francisco. It comes in 3 sizes but the medium is definitely best. It’s large enough to keep all of your necessities in but small enough to feel like you have a small clutch. I started telling my entire family about this purse and convincing them they needed to buy this purse RIGHT NOW. I couldn’t tell you which style I wear it most between the crossbody, clutch, and over the shoulder, but any way you wear it, it’s the greatest purse out there. When I went back to LA for her wedding a month later, I confessed to her that I copied and bought the clutch. Nervous about her reaction, she immediately laughed and was happy that I had purchased it since she loved it so much. And while the bag is a little on the pricier side, trust me when I say, you’ll never buy another purse like this again. 

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