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As most of you can relate, planning a wedding is not only stressful, but it’s so insanely expensive. I mean everything from flowers, to cakes, to tablecloths, to candy bars, everything is priced so unreasonably and can definitely put a damper on the experience. Coming from a family of negotiators, I knew if I was going to get my dream wedding anything near my budget, I had to get quite creative and get down to some crazy negotiations. Both Tom and I wanted a classic San Francisco wedding so we worked with the venues that we had available to us. After looking at some hotels and some members-only clubs, we decided on The Olympic Club-City Clubhouse, in downtown San Francisco. It was classic, elegant, charming, and just very “San Francisco”‘ Another huge reason we ended up going with this venue was because of the in-house coordinator. She welcomed us with open arms and from the moment I met her, I knew I had to work with her. She was easy going and was ready to work with me to make sure I could have what I wanted while sticking to my budget. She was quick to respond to e-mails and gave us plenty of time when we came into the club to meet. 

Had to get a cable car picture
My absolutely gorgeous bridesmaids

My Dress: 

My wedding dress experience was…. well, quite interesting. Picking a wedding dress is not easy task and I always thought when I found “the one” I would just know immediately because, well, that’s how it happened in the movies! Unfortunately that wasn’t quite the case for me. My mom and I (and usually one of my sisters) went to countless wedding dress boutiques and I just couldn’t make up my mind. I kept finding my “NO” dresses but I couldn’t seem to give a YES to a specific one until I finally tried on “the one”. The stylist at Nordstrom did not originally bring this particular dress into the dressing room since it was quite a bit over our budget, but after my mom asking if there was anything else I should try on before we left for the day, the stylist said she had one more she thought I would actually love. Well… that was it! Before she could even finish zipping the dress, I knew I found my dream dress. It was a spectacular Matthew Christopher gown with gorgeous lace detail. It had buttons down the entire back and was classic. While the price was hard to digest, I spoke with my then fiancé and we both agreed that it was worth it. If you don’t feel your best and most gorgeous on the day you get married, it can definitely affect the entire experience. 

Dress # 1 of 2
Front of my gown, brings a smile to my face every time I look at it 🙂
Back of my dress.. loved all the buttons down the entire back side.
Back of my dress.. loved all the buttons down the entire back side.

The “Other” Dress

I”m not sure if it was because we got married on New Years of if it was because I know some brides like to change outfits mid-way through their wedding, but I decided that I wanted to change to a short white mini dress at some point during the reception. My friends and family know that I love a good short party dress so finding one for my wedding was actually a harder task than I imagined. I ended up finding this pretty sexy option that I ordered from Nordstrom that I planned on wearing for my bachelorette. When I ended up trying it on for my mom, we immediately knew I wasn’t going to wear it for my bach, rather it was for sure the dress I had to change in to the night of the wedding. Deciding that I wanted my outfit change to be kept as secret as possible, only my mom and sisters (and of course the wedding photographer) knew about the change and they agreed to help me when my photographer gave me the heads up. It was at about 10:30pm that night that I snuck away and within 5 minutes, I had taken my hair down and made quite a bit of a dramatic change. You can see below some of the reactions and it was AWESOME. Now if only I could figure out another time I can wear this short, sequin-y, white dress again… 

Surprising Tom in my second dress!
Surprising Tom in my second dress!
One of my bridesmaids reacting to the dress change! I love surprises!!
One of my bridesmaids reacting to the dress change! I love surprises!!
Tom definitely couldn't believe the dramatic change of his new bride
Tom definitely couldn’t believe the dramatic change of his new bride

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